Monday, February 28, 2011

ribbon quilt

There are a lot of new babies arriving in my family within only a few months. I still like to make something if I have the time. It's easy to go into a fabric store & be inspired too. Blankets never go out of style & I'm not sure you can have too many. Even as an adult I have blankets strewn all over the house in the winter. Even the dogs have blankets. I'd seen mention of ribbon quilts on other blogs & wanted to try it out myself. It's not so much a blanket to keep a baby warm but a blanket to snuggle with & play with the ribbons poking out the sides. I'm sure it could even include teething on these ribbons. So I pieced together six inch squares with old (note the cupcake fabric, Angie) & new fabric & sandwiched some cotton batting between my cotton fabric. The finished quilt measures 21x26". I tied the quilt. I got some help from this blog.

It would be easy to make this with two layers of flannel fabric too. I thought it was an easy & quick project.


  1. That cupcake fabric is my favorite! I love the blanket - maybe I'll see it in person on Saturday?