Wednesday, February 2, 2011

freakbeat vegetarian cafe

With Don out of the country, Daniel & I dined out together for lunch on Sunday. Before the next snowstorm hit. I picked one of my favorite places. The Freakbeat Vegetarian. It used to be called "Grateful Bread" but she doesn't make so much bread anymore. Just soup now. Vegetarian soup so good even Don eats it. The cafe is located near 17th & Washington streets. Eating there is a psychedelic event. Bright colors everywhere. Very hippyish (if that's a word). This is where I sat . . .

This was the view out the window I was sitting by. The windows are steamed over from all the fantastic soup simmering behind the counter. The front door is blue!

There are baubles & beads dangling in front of the storefront windows.

And this was my soup. The red bean & spinach soup. She posts the ingredients: red beans, lentils, spinach, long grain rice, onions, lemon juice, turmeric, chili powder, salt & pepper. I'm sure they just want us to know in case anyone is allergic to anything. But I see it as a dare to try & make it myself & have it turn out as good. And you get bread with your soup. I chose the pumpkin muffin. (Notice the formica table.)

I believe they are only open Wednesday through Sunday but it is worth a visit.

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  1. That looks delicious! Maybe we should go there instead of the Green Gateau when I'm in Lincoln next.