Monday, May 31, 2010


Don sent me this photo also taken this weekend of my brothers who were around: Dale, Don, Gene, Roy & Ted. Jim was out the previous weekend & didn't come this weekend.

How I spent my Memorial Day weekend . . .

Enjoyed lunch with Roy on Saturday at the family reunion downtown.

Watched Audrey, Becky & George's daughter, toddle all over during the reunion held in the Legion.

Visited with my cousin, Bill, who is from Missouri. I'm sure he must also be related to Larry the Cable Guy. They even wear the same cap!

Watched my husband & father catch up on their sleep.

Took a photo of David, Ted & Yvonne's son, who was taking a photo of me.

Took a four generation photo of my dad, Don, Becky & Audrey.

Hung out with Roy & Don.

Welcomed Jacey, Chelsey's daughter, who's been home from the hospital for several days. Here she is with her mother & Colleen, her grandmother.

A closeup with of Jacey.

Spent the night at Nancy's house while she babysat Jayden, her granddaughter.

Watched Jayden snack on popsicle, banana, ice cream, pretzels, milk, crackers & dried fruit before she went to bed.

Proudly displayed my American flag.

Friday, May 28, 2010


It's the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend. That means it's time for barbeques, visiting graves, displaying your American flag and . . . peonies! I walk by these peonies every day while walking the dogs. They are spectacular this year! Enjoy your long weekend & the beauty that is blooming around you.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

revisiting the old Ford tractor

I've posted photos of this old tractor before. Ones I took last year. But I was back admiring the angles & rust again this spring. The same old weeds are growing up around it. I haven't tired of photographing it yet . . .