Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear Nancy,

I hope Amy & Hannah are getting over their flu. And I hope your family didn't bring it back home.

I started hand stitching my binding onto my quilt last night while watching American Idol. Some of the singing was a bit disappointing but I am enjoying putting the finishing touches on my quilt. I cut my strips four inches wide. And I used a half inch seam when I sewed it on. So my binding ends up being about 5/8 inch wide. I found this idea to use hair clips to hold the binding in place while stitching it down. Fewer sharp points to poke myself with.

I also found a new stitch for attaching my binding. I guess it is called a ladder stitch & it is less noticeable than my old way of doing it. I found some helpful photos here showing how to do it. If you sew yours on by machine you'll have to show me how you did it.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Hopefully the weather cooperates.
Your sister,

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