Thursday, February 24, 2011

playground fun

When I heard my friend, Linda, say she was going to get her long hair trimmed back it seemed like a great opportunity to photograph her before the big event. I suggested taking some photos at the nearby Roberts Park & Linda got herself talked into it. We had a lot of fun on the playground & caught one of those warm February days. These were taken early last week. I knew the swings were there but didn't realize there was a very large puddle of water underneath them. This first photo is of Linda trying to figure out how to get in the swing while avoiding the puddle of water . . .

Linda has a gorgeous smile that she shares with everyone. I met her at the gym. I think she knows everyone there & everyone knows her. I am delighted she let me capture that smile in these photos.

Linda got enough hair cut off to make a donation to Locks of Love. I'm hoping to take the "after" photos now!

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