Monday, February 21, 2011

Goodbye, Art.

That was Don's Facebook comment on Saturday afternoon, two hours after his father passed. We arrived midday in Texas last Thursday after Art had already been unresponsive for five days. Hospice nurses were at his bedside continuously by then. He received medication under his tongue to keep him comfortable. I felt it was a wonderful gift for him to be at home where his family could be at his side & talk to him yet find respite in the kitchen or living room as needed. He remained unresponsive for eight long days except when the nurses were bathing him on Friday & they both swear he said "shut up" to them while they'd been chatting away. The hospice staff kept telling us how acute the hearing is for people who are dying. Kathy, Don's sister, brought along her three dogs. Here is Dolly resting on the back of Art's recliner.

Dolly & Kazie rest in the warmth of the sun.

Simone, my favorite hospice nurse. We spent time talking shop. I was so grateful that she was the nurse on duty when Art passed.

Art was a chef by trade on oil tankers. He attended culinary school. He has a library of French cookbooks that I perused while sitting at his bedside. Carolyn, his wife, always raved about his danish pastries. Years ago I asked him to show me how he made them but he never did.

A favorite photo of Art that I took last May in his home.

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