Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a photo giveaway

This past week or so I have been somewhat at a loss for material for my blog. I guess that's the winter for you. So it got me to thinking & looking for a new idea. On many of the blogs I read such as sewing or knitting, it is popular to give away fabric, books or yarn. My blog is really about posting photos I take. So I'd like to give away a photo. But there's a catch of sorts. I really loved my Photo IV class at the community college. I think it helped me take some good photos. I don't really want to take the class again right now, but I am asking my blog readers to suggest a subject for me to photograph for a few weeks. Homework will be due every week. The good & bad. And whomever's (not sure that is the best word) idea I pick will receive a print (8x12") from me (their choice) from that subject matter. I may even have it framed if you are within delivery distance. If I get too many good suggestions I'll put them in a basket & draw one out. You can send your suggestions via comments on this blog or send to my email which you can find by clicking on "view my complete profile" on the sidebar. The deadline for suggestions will by Friday, February 17th.

1 comment:

  1. I think your theme should be love. This theme idea is open to your interpretation. As in taking photos of people you love, or things you love or people doing the things they love...I look forward to whatever it is you choose to do!