Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo 5

I did get a few (as in three) suggestions for my "Photo 5 class". And since I'm the student & the "teacher" I get to make my own rules! So I'm going to use all three suggestions: doors/windows, barns/windmills and things/people I love. Truly, that is more like a dozen ideas, but I am trying to stay close to the suggestions offered. And each will get a print (assuming they want one). I plan to start showing my homework this weekend and go for seven weekends (most likely Sundays). I plan to show about 25 photos the first day then the next day show the 4-6 photos I think are the best. My goal really is to keep photographing something. I hope it fuels me creatively & that I take some good photos. Thank you for the suggestions!

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