Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is our day to profess our love for a special person in our life. Or not. But I learned about Love On The Run hosted by Porridge Papers last year when it was too late & decided to volunteer to help this year. I spent Saturday morning helping people at the typewriters to type out their love note on pink paper. They then curled up their note to fit into a small glass bottle along with a very small Polaroid of themselves. Then today the little bags were delivered!

There were all ages typing out their notes.

Of course, I had to type out my own Valentine to Don!

I used this old typewriter. It had separate keys for upper & lower case!

This morning I drove through snowy neighborhoods,

down alleyways,

and out on the edge of town to deliver Valentines.

Thanks goodness for my GPS. I delivered twenty bags & of those only actually handed them to the recipient maybe four times. It wasn't terribly exciting but I enjoyed it anyway. A total of 472 bottles were filled. May all of you receive your own Valentine today!

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