Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the loafing shed

My sister-in-law, Jean, shared some photos she took at the farm last year. To get these photos I had to resort to taking her camera card home with me & downloading the photos. The camera card should be back in her camera by now; hopefully in time for her to take photos of her impending new grandson! Anyway, these photos were taken while my brothers, Jim & Ted, helped dismantle the loafing shed on the west side of the barn. Years of weather & wind had made the shed unsafe & there were no longer any cows around to loaf in the shed so down it came. Ted's son, David, helped. My oldest brothers, Don & Roy, showed up too. And Nancy & Dad. I'm sorry I missed all the fun (and the photo op). But glad to share some great photos Jean took . . .

My favorite photo (above).

Back row: Nancy, Gene, Ted & Jim
Front row: Don, Bill & Roy

And of course, there has to be a bit of target practice after the work is done. Thanks for the photos, Jean!

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  1. Jean has a great eye for photography! I hope she takes more!