Sunday, December 11, 2011


For the past several years I have taken photos for a family calendar. One of my extended family & Don's too. Last year for the first time I had Apple print the calendars which saved me time & was a better quality product. So this past year I have been photographing relatives with their mode of transportation. Don's family have their calendars already so I'm not ruining any surprises here. So in no particular order here are their photos. The first being Don's stepfather, Herb, with his '88 Ford Ranger XLT.

This is Matt, Amber's husband, holding his son, Hudson, and standing next to his '89 Ford F350. The odometer reads 55K but it only reads up to five digits.

Jean, Terry's wife, is here with her '09 Chevy Suburban. Her Great Dane, Maggie, is with her. She got the SUV with a bench seat just for Maggie.

Sharmin, Terry's daughter, is here with her children, Paxton & Ivy. She drives an '11 Honda Acura MDX.

I put my camera on a tripod & photographed myself with my '03 Honda CR-V. Don leaves enough room in the garage for me & his motorcycles.

Yizhi, Austin's wife, drives a '96 Honda Accord. Austin taught her to drive this car. It took her three attempts to pass the driving test, which she thought was pretty good compared to other people she knows.

Don is here with his '09 Triumph Street Triple R & '05 Honda CR-V. The favorite story about his motorcycle is that Angelina Jolie may have ridden it in the movie "Salt".

Rex, Don's brother, drives a '94 Chevy Corvette. I took this photo of him at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky last April.

Pris is Rex's girlfriend. She sent me this photo of herself with Lake Hartwell in South Carolina as the backdrop. I forgot to ask if this is at her home or Rex's since they both live on the lake. Beautiful backdrop.

Terry, Don's brother, is here on his '03 Harley Davidson Deuce sports bike. I took this in the Badlands on our way to Sturgis in August. Another beautiful backdrop.

Daniel drives an '04 Honda Civic. Manual transmission. This is one of my first photos using off camera flash.

Austin is here on his '83 Honda Magna. He replaced almost every part on this motorcycle. He said "it hasn't stranded me anywhere in a whole year" which is saying a lot. Yizhi is sitting on the '73 Yamaha AT3 125 which is the motorcycle Austin first rode on & an old one of Don's from college.

Amber, Terry's daughter, is holding her son Hudson. She drives an '06 Chevy Tahoe Z71. I took this photo in a park in Norfolk. I was pleasantly surprised by the color of the trees in the background.

Liz, Terry's daughter, drives a '98 Pontiac Sunfire.

Louie, Sharmin's husband, is here with his stepdaughter, Langley. He drives an '09 Chevy Suburban. He manages the Scheel's store here in Lincoln so it was a fitting backdrop.

Caleb is Sharmin's son. He drives a '99 Chrysler Sebring. He attends Southwest High School which is where I photographed him.

It was a relief to finally gather all the photos. I think photographing people with their cars if fun & later a bit nostalgic as we look back at them. I do have an idea brewing for next year thanks to my aunt, Elaine. We'll see if it happens.

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