Thursday, December 29, 2011

potato chip scarf

I always enjoy making gifts when I can. Not sure if the recipient is always happy about that. I started knitting this scarf a couple of months ago with no plans for it. As Christmas approached & I learned that red is Yizhi's favorite color, it seemed like giving this scarf to her would be a good idea. It was fun to knit. Yizhi has it wrapped around her neck a couple of times but you can still get the effect.

potato chip scarf pattern:
cast on 20 stitches
knit 8, turn
knit 8 turn
knit 6, turn
knit 6, turn
knit 4, turn
knit 4, turn
knit 20
repeat pattern until desired length.
I used size 9 needles with a worsted weight wool yarn. Use the largest needles suggested for the yarn you use. I had to knit a few inches before I could see the curls beginning.

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