Friday, December 16, 2011

Final project

Our Photo IV class met for the last time last night. We were allowed to bring a guest. Don joined me & ended up being the only guest. Barabara maintained her ritual of sharing her Altoids with us. Don made sure she didn't forget him either. It was a fun evening looking at the final photos everyone picked. Several people did not come for the final class but we did end up with five of us displaying photos (trees, circles, birds of prey, tools & people wearing masks). We had enlarged our photos to 8x12" and then secured them to mat board. We had to write a statement about our project & read it to the class. Afterwards we did a bit of trading. I came home with three enlargements & two 4x6" prints of other classmates. Some of the photos here I've posted already. The first photo was taken in Don's garage & the last photo was taken in Dad's garage. The rest I took in my living room. It was a great class. One I may take again.

"A good photograph challenges the viewer to be a better observer."
Barbara Hagen
SCC Photography instructor

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