Wednesday, December 28, 2011

more wheels

Dad with his '97 Mercury Grand Marquis at the local golf course.

Angie, Don & Cheryl's daughter, photographed in Omaha.

Amber, Gene & Jean's daughter, lives in the coutry.

Briana, Connie's daughter, photographed in Omaha.

Ashley, Nancy & Mike's daughter, photographed in Hastings.

David is Ted & Yvonne's son. Nancy got this photo this summer out at the farm.

Jenny, Betty & Ron's daughter, photographed in Beatrice.

Becky, sister to Angie, photographed in Alabama by her sister.

Kendall, Gene & Jean's son, photographed in Lawrence.

Chelsey, Dale & Colleen's daughter with her Explorer. I think she's driving something more reliable now.

Krista, Connie's daughter, in Omaha.

Daniel made it into two calendars.

Brandon, Betty & Ron's son, photographed in Beatrice.

I want to thank everyone who let me take their photo!

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