Friday, March 11, 2011


I love stamps. It's like putting a bit of art on a letter. Whenever I go to the post office I check out the selection of commemorative stamps. There is always something I like. The Bart Simpson & family collection has been great. One of those stamps is often the right expression I'm looking for to put on my letter. But the last time I was in the post office the clerk warned me that they are thinking of only printing "forever" stamps in the near future. It would be a way to save on printing. And the post office, like everyone else, is always looking for ways to save money. I'm sad about that news though. The "forever" stamps I've seen so far are a bit boring.

Many of these old stamps are some that Mom saved. She'd cut them off the envelope & store them in an old margarine tub. She thought the schools could use them for fund raiser. I don't know about that but I'm glad to have her stamp collection.

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