Tuesday, March 8, 2011

baby shower

Nancy & I hosted a baby shower for DeLaina & Lola at my home on Saturday. DeLaina slept through most of it . . .

Lola invited her good friend, Tricia. Tricia is the daughter of my cousin, Mary. Tricia is due with her first child in a few weeks. (Tricia reminded me of her mother in her looks, her smile & her mannerisms. So I enjoyed getting to "see" Mary again too!)

We played a couple of shower games, of course.

Betty & her daughter, Lora, help each other out with questions.

Heather's boyfriend, Kevin, joined us & did a great job taking care of the youngest children.

Kyla holds her cousin, DeLaina.

I'm so glad Heather could make it. We did some good catching up.

Lora, twin to Lola.


Ashley, Nancy's daughter.

Andrea, aunt to DeLaina.

Elena. I couldn't resist.

Betty with her granddaughter, Elena (Heather's daughter).

Here I am with my niece, Jenny.


Cate, Heather's oldest daughter.

Alexandra (aka Sasha), Heather's youngest.

Jenny's partner, Jeremy, came & brought his daughters.

Jenny with her daughter, Kyla.

Heather, Elena & DeLaina.

My niece, Angie, also made it to the shower. Unfortunately I neglected to get her photo. We had a good time visiting & watching the kids play. And celebrating DeLaina.

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