Tuesday, January 1, 2013


A friend asked me last night if I'd made any New Year's resolutions. My quick response was no. Why make a resolution only to fail? But since Don & I were spending the evening quietly at home I had more time to ponder the question. In reality I do have some goals (resolutions if you want to call them that). Losing weight is always a good resolution. This year my goal is to be happy with the weight I am at. Another goal is to finish this afghan I started maybe last year. I figure I need 192 of these circles & I have about sixty done. It will be a granny square blanket. The great thing about this pattern, I think, is that when I have the circles done I will crochet the circles together instead of sewing them together. I'm thinking of using orange but I will wait to buy that yarn when I have my circles done. Here is the pattern if you are interested in making one for yourself (the English translation is included). And good luck with your own goals for 2013!

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