Thursday, January 10, 2013

a new home

When Dad had his sale I knew two things for sure. I didn't want him to sell Mom's sewing machine. And I wanted it to go to a good home. It didn't have to be my home necessarily. Nancy said she already had a sewing machine (as do I). Connie doesn't sew much anymore but did want the machine at one time. Betty is too busy to sew . . . a perk of being a grandmother. So I happily ended up with it. I first took it in to be serviced knowing it had been years since it had been cleaned & oiled. And it did need some care. Finally I have it back & it shares space on my sewing table with my own Bernina. It doesn't have all the bells & whistles but it sews a straight line with good tension. That's just about all I ask of my own machine anyway. But I do have a plan for this machine.  I've put cotton thread on it & I will use it for piecing quilts. I still have a big stack of remnants from sewing all those "Lola bags" a couple of years ago & slowly I am turning them into quilts. (And buying more fabric along the way of course.)

I finished this quilt & gave it to Yizhi for Christmas. It even sports a Lola tag like the bags did. I tried out this tutorial for binding the quilt & liked it well enough. I only had to rip out one mitered corner & redo it.  I cut my strips 2.5" wide.

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