Saturday, January 19, 2013


We observed another anniversary this week . . . Mom passed away four years ago. I drove out to see Dad today & we took time to visit her grave. Then of course, we stopped for lunch at Dick's Place. While Dad & I dined on sloppy joes & chips we talked about Mom. Dad said that before they were married she took sewing classes in Hastings. He thought maybe she took a few more classes after they were married. It certainly helped explain why she was such a good seamstress. Marge, Dick's wife, heard us talking about her & stopped by to tell how Mom went to Dick's home when he was born to help out. (Dick's father is a first cousin to Mom.) A tradition back then. On the drive back to Hastings Dad told how when Dick was born his father tried to get through a snowstorm with horses & a wagon to his folks place but they couldn't get through the drifts & Dick was born at home with his father delivering him. So some new (to me) stories told today. I brought my camera along & asked Dad if I could take a few shots of him. He's even let his hair get a bit longer. For the winter he says.

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