Monday, November 26, 2012


For the first time in a while we came home without a deer. I was relieved after hearing about so many sick deer. And since we still have venison in the freezer I didn't mind. I don't care much to roam the pastures during deer season & on the last weekend I had time to myself indoors with Jack & Zeke. I found walnuts underfoot during my walks down the driveway with the dogs. Mom loved walnuts. She especially loved black walnuts. I could have brought her buckets to shell & she would have loved it. So I took the time to shell a few of my own while Don hunted. It was actually an enjoyable past time. I took pleasure in getting pieces out in chunks rather than small bits. An ice cream bucket full of shells yielded about one cup of "chopped" nuts. I brought home a bag of more nuts to shell but haven't touched it yet.

I heard a bit of ranch gossip too over deer season. I heard that an Amish family bought the place around the bend in the road where I've taken some barn photos. Galen says the barn is caving in so I assume it won't be there much longer.

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