Saturday, December 1, 2012

more calendar photos

Don's family calendars have been ordered. I took all of these photos except for five of them. It's fun to see the variety of jobs & the environments everyone works in. I was ready to give up the calendar this year & was prepared to tell Rex that when he came for a summer motorcycle trip with Don & Terry. But he had sent me a photo before he arrived (that I had missed in an email) so I was inspired to finish it with that bit of encouragement. And I do love this collection along with my family's photos.
Daniel. Auditor.

Don. Engineer & manager of product development for a manufacturing company.

Yizhi. Graduate student working on genetics research.
Austin. Graduate student working on research related to cancer.

Jean. Nursing instructor.

Liz. Event planner for an information technology company.
Lois. Nurse in outpatient surgery.

Louie. Manager of a sporting goods store.

Matt. Works for a construction company; mostly drives a bulldozer.
Pris. Administrative coordinator at a university.

Rex. Engineering program manager.
Sharmin. Post doctoral teaching instructor of college chemistry & biology.

Terry. Insurance agent.
Amber. Paraoptemetric assistant.

Cheyenne. High school student. Selling shoes in a department store. (We weren't allowed to take any photos in the shoe store.)

Calendar cover.

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