Tuesday, November 20, 2012

for Elaine

I have been making family calendars for several years now. I've always had a theme of some sort. A couple of years ago my aunt, Elaine, suggested my theme be people at work. First I wanted to do "wheels" & picked on the younger generation. But I loved her idea & this time picked on my own generation. Our parents instilled in us a very good work ethic. The variety of jobs we hold is fascinating. I did not take many of the following photos that appear in next year's calendar but it was fun collaborating with my siblings to get a photo from them. My brother-in-law, Mike, laughed telling about Nancy taking his photo. But in the end she sent me a couple of great photos that I used. I think the person that loves her job the most is my sister-in-law, Jean. She spends her days in a high school surrounded by teenagers. When I visited her at work I could feel the energy in the air. And I could tell she had a good relationship with many of the students. So many thanks to everyone who contributed or allowed me to photograph them. If you want a calendar you need to contact me. And of course I had to make Dad the cover . . .
Ted. He has his own engineering firm in Colorado.

Nancy. She works in customer service for the phone company.

Roy. He coordinates roofing jobs.

Mike. Farmer.

Mike harvesting corn.
Betty. Nurse.

Cheryl. Dietitian & manager.

Dale. Runs his own home care business.

Gene. Welder (and farmer).

Jean. Custodian.

Jim. Manages coops. (Deb took this photo with her phone!)

Lois. Nurse.

For those of you who think there should be 13 photos I held my husband's photo back as I'll include it with his family's photos next month.

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