Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a road less traveled

I drove out to see Dad today but with other motives as well. I was hoping to do some homework for my Photo 5 "class". I intended to eat dinner with Dad then drive off into the country to take some photos. But he wanted to join me. Not once did he complain that I was taking too long, although I could've spent more time at the three locations we visited. One of the places we visited was "down south" from the family farm. The land there was once owned by my grandmother. Dad farmed the land for her so we spent some time on this land. Part grass, part farmland. The gravel runs out just where this property begins so I did not venture out onto this road. When I was doing track in high school I would jog down to this corner from the farm. It has been many years since I was last here. This property now belongs to Steve's family. Not sure what the future holds for it now.

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