Friday, March 30, 2012

the old red barn

I'm finishing up my Photo 5 project this weekend. My final subject really meshed all three of the ideas submitted to me by family members: things I love, windows & doors, and windmills & barns. (Barbara would never have let me have so many topics in Photo 4, but I made my own rules this time.) When barns were suggested, it meant only one barn for me. It's the barn on the farm where I grew up. Coming over the hill from the west on the gravel road it is the first thing you notice. Unfortunately, as the photos show, it is slowly deteriorating. And the cost to return it to its previous glory is prohibitive, so its decline will continue. I took these photos on the day I photographed the windmills. So again, Dad was waiting (patiently) in my Honda while I spent a few moments inside & outside. I would've lingered longer if alone, but I am very happy with the photos I have. I'll share my favorites on Sunday.

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