Monday, September 6, 2010

St. Stephen's Church

I attended grades first through eighth at St. Stephens' Catholic school. It was a country school with the church right next door. I say "was" because the school is no longer in use. Except for the occasional party or reception. And now it sounds like the church is hanging on by a thread. The church suffers from an assortment of structural problems that plague all buildings of this age. Dad remembers this building being built. He helped a little too. I don't know what the future holds but I stopped by this summer to say a prayer for that uncertain future & brought along my camera. These first two photos were taken in June of 2006 on another visit.

When I was in school here we attended Mass daily. I remember one Sunday I slipped in the aisle wearing my patent leather shoes. I was so embarrassed. I quickly got up off the floor hoping no one noticed. Father John always chastised us for exiting the church in such a hurry on those weekday mornings. I know I was always glad to have Mass behind me & getting on with the school day.

We had a big playground.

Standing behind the backstop. We had three recesses a day & we spent them playing ball, tag, jump rope. I loved recess!

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