Wednesday, September 1, 2010

some celebrating going on . . .

Well, it hasn't been a good day for remembering to round up photos of people. I just saw Laura on Saturday & noticed her birthday was this week after I was back home again! I did get her in a few photos painting Jayden's toenails though. That's one of my favorite ways to photograph people anyway. When they're doing something. So today is Laura & Nate's birthday! I consider our family to be quite fortunate to have them as in-laws. My niece & nephew found good partners to share their life with. Happy birthday to both of you!

Today is also the 31st wedding anniversary of Jean & Gene. So they did something they don't do very often. They took a trip together. To the Badlands. Got out of Dodge. I don't see them do that very often so glad they celebrated another year of marriage. I dug up a wedding photo of them.

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