Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mom's photo album

Jim came to help this past weekend & one of the first things he asked me is if we had hit the mother lode yet. My response was an easy "yes". We found a photo album of Mom's that we had never seen before. Dad didn't remember it either. Photos of her as a kid, teenager & then dating Dad. Once she was married she stopped adding to it. The pages are black & she wrote names under the photos with a white pen. The photos are held in place with photo corners; green, pink, silver & gold. At some point she quit naming people too. Some photos are missing. But still a treasure. I volunteered to bring the album home with me so I could scan some of the photos.
Mom's family. My guess on who everyone is: Back row: Evelyn, Ag, Herb, Rita, Albert & Dora. Front row: Elvira, Lorene, Lola & Velma in the very front.

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