Friday, August 19, 2011


This was Don's third year going to Sturgis. My first. Maybe Terry's twelfth. I decided I wanted to go to photograph the interesting people I knew I'd find there. But I didn't do that. Often what I think will happen when I want to photograph something doesn't turn out the way I'd imagined. There was still plenty to photograph & there were lots of interesting people there, I partly lost my nerve to approach people for a photo. Photography often takes courage. Sometimes it's there for me & sometimes not. I did have fun on this trip, but attending the motorcycle rally is not something I will feel compelled to repeat. We spent time drinking beer . . .

This band was back again this year. Dirty Word. Don really liked them so we listened to them two nights in a row. The second night I needed ear plugs though. Just too loud for me.

Don remembered this waitress from last year:

Main street only allows motorcycles once the rally gets going.

We really left before the rally got started but twice a day they photograph the crowds from above & then sell the photos. They fit a lot of people into the screen so they probably sell a lot of prints. They had a sample of an old photo on the side of a building. It was nearly life sized. Don had fun with it . . .

It was a good trip. The camping was fun to do again. And I'm glad I finally got to see the Black Hills. Hope you enjoyed the trip too.

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