Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mt. Rushmore

I am the last one in our family to finally see Mt. Rushmore. Austin & Daniel saw it when they were in Boy Scouts. Don saw it as a six or seven year old. We stood on the viewing deck & he told me that the first time he looked at Mt. Rushmore he couldn't even see it. Finally in third grade his teacher realized he needed glasses. That was a new story for me.

So of course we had to see Crazy Horse too. A work in progress. And I don't think they are in a hurry to finish it either when thousands come every year just to watch their progress.

Finally we drove through Custer State Park. Don said you can't drive through this park & come home & say you didn't see any buffalo. So we drove the "scenic route" just to find these buffalo. Then on our way out of the park we almost ran into one walking down the middle of the road. I was relieved though that Don found buffalo.

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