Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Jack turns fourteen years old today. He joined our family Thanksgiving weekend in 1997. Don & I decided to check out the puppies at the pet store at Meadowlane shopping center & there was Jack with some other Beagle puppies. We both fell in love with him right away but I was the one who said I didn't want a dog (because I knew who'd be cleaning up after him). Of course when Don continued to plead his case I caved & the next day he was ours. There were several times during that first year I wondered why I'd said yes, but Jack has since become part of the family. He is always so calm. A friend who listens to all our complaints without criticizing. Greets us at the door when we come home. But his age is catching up to him. Walks have slowed down. Waaaaay down. But we'll keep taking them as long as he's able. In fact the photo below I took just this morning. He is waiting for me at the top of the basement stairs, waiting for his walk.

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