Friday, April 29, 2011

Trauma Champions

Last night Don & I attended the third annual Tribute to Trauma Champions event hosted by BryanLGH Medical Center. Each year they recognize two individuals who have survived a major trauma & are exemplary role models. My nephew, Jason, was chosen this year. The event was held at the Roccoco Theater downtown.

This isn't the sharpest photo but it gives you an idea of how gorgeous the setting was. The Roccoco is an old theater that now hosts events.

These are four of Jason's friends that came for the special occasion. I vividly remember them camped out in the ICU waiting room playing cards or studying. Patiently waiting for Jason to get better.

This is Nancy's friend, Sheree, holding Mason (Nick & Amy's son).

Laura, holding her daughter, Jayden.

Connie surprised Nancy by showing up. Gene & Jean came also.

The event was not only a tribute to Jason & Cody, the other trauma victim recognized. It was a tribute to the health care responders. From the first people on the scene, the state trooper, the 911 operator, ER staff, physicians, rehab staff & ICU nurses. Jason stands on the stage with the wide array of people behind him who contributed to his success as a trauma survivor.

Here is Jason with the local responders who made the drive to Lincoln.

Ashley, Jason's sister, entertained Jayden at the end of the evening by letting her blow out candles.

Cody, Dr. Burton (BryanLGH trauma director) & Jason.

Jason with the couple who first found him after the accident. It didn't hurt that she is a nurse.

Jason with his parents, Nancy & Mike, and Dr. Burton.

It was an impressive & emotional tribute. Kudos to Jason & Cody! And to all the people who saved their lives.

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