Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's all relative

For the past few years I have made calendars for my side of the family & on Don's side. I thought I had my theme for the 2011 calendar all decided but changed my mind early on. I decided to focus on our aunts & uncles. Unfortunately many are already gone & it became a struggle to fill thirteen slots for photos. But in the end it was a year filled with getting to know some family & certainly visiting people I hadn't seen in years. And I'll give Don some credit. He was with me when we visited all of his family members. Besides, he's the one they really wanted to see. The first photo is of Don's father & stepmother, Art & Carolyn. We visited them in Houston in May & I took this photo in a restaurant by the beach in Galveston.

This is Herb, Don's stepfather.

This next lady is Claudia. She is Herb's sister & I believe is 91 years old.

Etta is a sister to Mavis, Don's mother.

Joe is a brother to Herb. They live in the same town.

Lois was married to Ken, a brother to Art. Ken has been gone for several years now.

Don made the cover of the calendar. I took this photo in O'Hare airport in Chicago.

This is Nancy. Her father was a brother to Herb.

Inez & Russ. Russ is a brother to Art.

Mardene & Delane. Mardene was married to Mavis' brother, Jim. Jim is deceased & she has since married Delane. They joined us one evening for supper at the ranch during deer season. We had a great time telling stories around the table.

Mary was a sister to Mavis. I took this photograph of her in May. She passed in November.

This is Esther. She is a sister to Don's mother, Mavis. I took this photograph of her at Mary's funeral dinner.

Terry is Don's brother. He got included because I had an empty space.

This year I used Apple to print my calendars. They did a great job.

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