Monday, December 20, 2010

it's all (my) relative(s)

I made a calendar of my relatives also. Dad made the cover with this photograph of him with his truck.

He also made it inside the calendar. Of all the photos I've taken of him, I love this one the most. Dad was the oldest of seven.

Marie is the next oldest. Here she is photographed with her husband, Everett.

Eleanor was married to my uncle, Bud, who has been gone for many years now. Bud & I shared the same birthday.

Geri is the next youngest. I love it when she & Dad get together & tell stories.

This is my uncle, Len, with his son, Bob. Len was married to Kate, the youngest girl in the family. Len is now married to Jonece.

Butch & Elaine. Butch is the baby of the family. Fifteen years younger than Dad.

My aunt Norma. Some of us call her Lorene. She is one of Mom's older sisters.

Velma is Mom's younger sister.

Bill & Butch (aka Agnes) are my cousins from Missouri. Bill's mother, Evelyn, was Mom's sister.

Rod is another cousin. His dad, Herb, was Mom's only brother.

This photo came to me by way of my brother, Don. Connie, on the left, is the daughter of Mom's sister, Elvira. The middle woman, Becky, is a twin to the woman on the right, Roxie. Their mother was my Mom's sister, Rita. Seated next to Roxie is her husband, Jimmy. Sitting next to Connie is her husband, Roger.

A new year starts next month, which means I can start working on the calendar for 2012. If you would like a print of any of my photos contact me through my email that's listed when you click on "view my complete profile".

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