Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Laura learns to sew

I visited with my aunt, Elaine, yesterday & she told me that her granddaughter, Laura, spent her spring break with her to learn how to sew. Elaine took a few photos & sent them to me & I am impressed! I especially love the tunic top & I appreciate the attitude she put into posing for her picture. I'd be tickled too if I finished two tops in one week. I told Elaine that garment sewing often feels too overwhelming for me so I keep putting it off thinking I will find it too difficult. Then when I finally decide to do just a bit I end up working longer than I expected. Elaine said that her mother used to say that if we knew how many dishes we'd wash in our lifetime we'd never want to start on the pile but if we do it bit by bit we'll get it done. Good advice. And I have a couple of patterns I want to get started on.

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