Sunday, August 12, 2012

the Kensington

Dad's new home is an old hotel renovated into an assisted living facility. It is a fun building to spend time in & worthy of a few photos . . .
Dad lives on the fourth floor. These are the stairs I take when I leave.

These stairs are leading onto the second floor.

The view onto the front entrance from the second floor. I love the chandelier.

Elevators on the second floor.

Just off to the upper right is a table where Dad reads the Omaha World Herald after eating breakfast.

The front desk. I see them offering popcorn or root beer floats on many afternoons.

The dining room. Most people sit in the same place every day.

A corner of the dining room where coffee, fruit & soft ice cream are available most of the day.

The stairs from the second floor to the first floor.

The first floor elevators.

Halfway down this hallway on the first floor are the mailboxes.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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