Saturday, August 4, 2012

happy birthday, Dad!

Today my father turned 87 years old. Something he never imagined. But the day arrived & it was a special day for him. He ate breakfast in the dining room of the assisted living facility where he now lives. Then he read the Omaha World Herald in the lounge. Don & Cheryl showed up & then myself & we ate dinner in the dining room. Other residents wished him happy birthday & staff helped everyone sing to him. He protested but I could tell he loved every minute. Then we drove out to his house, visited Mom's grave & then took a drive in the country to visit the place where he was born. The windmill in the top photo marks the spot. No driveway to lead us to the location but glad it still has a landmark. My first time to be here. Later we (Don & Cheryl, Gene & Jean, Nancy & Mike and myself) treated him to prime rib at a local steakhouse. When we finally called it a day & returned back to the Kensington two teenage boys were getting off work & held the door for him & paused to visit with him. Called him by name. I think he feels at home. And I am grateful.

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