Monday, July 30, 2012

Sacred Heart school

Yesterday I visited Dad. We dined at Dick's Place with Thelma. While they continued their visit I got a tour of the parochial grade school guided by my cousin's wife, Jeannine, who also teaches there. The upstairs gym was once the parish hall & is where my parents had their wedding dance. The choir loft is gone but the stage still has a yearly Christmas play. I saw where aspiring actors etched their names on the inside of the doors to the costume closet. Walking through the classrooms reminded me of my own time in grade school. The chalk boards are still there & computers are there now too. Cursive is still being taught. Bugs are pinned to boards. And crosses & photos of the Pope adorn the walls. I even found some clothespins! Lots of wooden floors & bannisters. So much history here. And more still being made.

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