Monday, July 2, 2012

the reunion

 The family reunion finally came & went yesterday! Planning started last fall. I have to give credit to my cousins, Dianne, Carolyn & Janet for getting the ball rolling.  It was a big hit as far as I could tell. We mostly stayed inside the gym at the local public school & the air conditioning that felt too cold when we set up for the reunion had lost its punch at the end of the day.  Dianne donned a sweater in the morning but finally removed it later in the day.  We enjoyed great food & visiting with relatives. In the photo above is my Dad, Bill, & his siblings: Butch, Geri & Marie.
Above are my aunts & uncles with Dad: lt to right: Eleanor, Bill, Elaine, Butch, Geri, Len & Marie.

It's been forty plus years since the heirs of Ted & Minnie (my grandparents) got together. What I learned about reunions though is that there is not enough time to visit with everyone. I still hate to think of those I didn't even talk to. There is not time to take a lot of photos. Pointing my camera all day would have taken time away from catching up with family. And we have some terrific cooks amongst us. The table of homemade desserts did not disappoint.  I look forward to sharing photos. And look for more to come here.

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