Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Sunday afternoon I was passing through the downtown area & was listening to KZUM on the radio. KZUM is a community radio station that Lincoln is very fortunate to have. I hear great music on this station I won't hear elsewhere in Lincoln. They recently had an on air fundraiser which helps them stay in business. I learned that they are soon to move from the Terminal Building at 10th & O streets to 48th & Calvert where they will have more room. I'd been to their studio before & loved its coziness (meaning small). Knowing that they'd soon be moving motivated me to call into the station Sunday afternoon while Deb Andersen was doing her Wimmin's Show. I asked if I could stop by & take a few photos before they moved out (I just happened to have my camera with me). There just happened to be a person there that could let me into the building & I got some pictures. They also have web streaming so you can listen to them on your computer.

Thanks, Deb!

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