Monday, April 9, 2012


It's 7:15 am. That time of day. To walk Zeke
and the old dog, Jack.

Harnesses are fastened. Zeke has killed the brown fox
and is first out the door.
is the old dog, Jack.

First stop is the tree in Al's yard. Sniff around
then he'll pee on the trunk. Zeke patiently waits.
For me & the old dog, Jack.

Before we get around the curve
there is business to put in the sack.
We all know it's because
of that old dog, Jack.

We've finally made it to Sumner.
Go straight or head back?
We ponder these things by the hydrant
with the old dog, Jack.

At Franklin we turn to the right.
The roar of traffic is two blocks away.
Birds sing in the branches above.
And I'm grateful for this walk with my old dog, Jack.

We're coming upon Roberts' Park.
I linger to smell the lilacs.
His nose in the flora at my feet.
Again, it's that old dog Jack.

We head down the hill to come home.
It's shorter to step off the curb & just jaywalk.
I stand my ground
the speeding car may not notice
the old dog, Jack.

We are back in the comfort of home.
He is curled up in his favorite yellow chair.
Life is good.
Thanks to our old dog, Jack.

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