Thursday, May 12, 2011

morning coffee

This past Mother's Day morning while my son slept in & my husband hunted for turkeys, I visited my niece, Angie, who works her weekends at Scooters. The idea to photograph her at work originated with my aunt, Elaine (thanks, Elaine!). It is a great coffee house with a drive through. Doggie treats sit by the window. Angie works with Kathryn most weekends. They are friends & have good chemistry working together. Angie gave me a sample of espresso & softened it with a pillow of whipped cream. The hint of chocolate was the best. I found this place to be a relaxing haven where there are books on the counter to read & an ambiance that encourages you to daydream (see last photo).

And tipping the barista is always welcome!

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  1. These are so lovely! Our manager loved them, too. Thank you so much for coming down and spending part of the morning with us!