Wednesday, November 10, 2010

diet Coke

I've had a love affair with diet Coke for a few years now. At least two cans a day & sometimes more. On the way to see Dad I'd stop in Milford to fill the gas tank & get a 20 ounce bottle of diet Coke. By the time I reached Clay Center I'd have to make a bathroom break. I love the fizz of carbonation. I knew the sugar in regular soda wasn't good for my teeth or the number on my bathroom scale so I turned to diet Coke. I even found my fix when in Rome. This photo was taken outside the Vatican while I waited for Don. This week I am trying to break the habit. My last gulp was about 11:00 am yesterday. The experts say this diet soda is also bad for my health. I'm quick to tell my patients at work to quit smoking. It's my turn to give up a bad habit. I hope I make it.

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